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About Us

Our owner and CEO is Cameron Trowers. She is a 22 year old Jamaican-American woman who started CMRN Swim December of 2020 with one thing in mind: to uplift as many people as possible! 

Our main focus is to inspire people to wear whatever makes them feel sexy! Too often do people say "Oh, I could never wear that! But it looks great on you!", when the reality is, anything looks good on anyone as long as they wear it with confidence and feel comfortable in the skin they're in!

Sexy comes in a multitude of shapes and sizes and looks drastically different on everyone! It does not serve us to be afraid of ourselves. Us as humans were conditioned to fear things that occur naturally and with this brand we want to erase some of that fear. Feel free in the regular skin you're in! No need for plucking, waxing, trimming, sucking in, shaving down, shaping up, unless you want to! Do it for you and only you! Look good for you in some CMRN Swim.

Below is a short video Cameron shared on our instagram speaking more about what this brand is about! Give it a watch and follow us to stay in the loop!